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Вышла в свет моя электронная книга под названием «Как взрыв сверхновой» (фантастика, полуфантастика, фэнтези). Сведения о книге уже фигурируют в Интернете. Кое-где сведения эти уже и заблокированы (в Яндексе), но, к счастью, существует ещё и Google. Можно заказать книгу и в бумажном исполнении, что, впрочем, обойдётся достаточно дорого. Сразу же уведомляю, с каждой покупки книги, я получу от её продажи только четверть от продажной цены. Не густо. Напоследок уведомляю. Значительная часть, содержащегося в моей книге, была в разные годы уже опубликована в  периодических изданиях России: в журналах «Земля и вселенная». «Техника молодёжи», в газете «Мир зазеркалья» и даже в «Литературной газете». В последней в виде фантастических микроновелл, в рубрике «Клуб 12 стульев» («Голубой период пенсионера Биточкина», «Зона»).  

     Ну вот и всё, что я собирался сообщить посетителям сайтов моего блога.                                  




185. На поэта Б. (не Быкова!)

Давным-давно он пел фарфор в стихах,

В итоге же случился полный крах:

Не обожглась фарфоровая глина -

Была в душе поэта холодина.

                 27 - 28 ноября 2014

Форма обратной связи


Emil’ V. Veitsman

What happened almost 5773 years ago?

As known, as a start of any chronology one takes a real event or, in any case, an event as if had taken place. For example, as the start of the Moslem chronology the day of Prophet Mohammed escape (move) from Mecca to Medina, so-called hijrah (622th year according to the Christian Chronology) is adopted.  As an initial point of the Christian calendar Joshua Christ’s birthday is proposed in the Gospel.    

Thus, in two above cases all is perfectly clear. But how should we understand the initial point of the Jewish Chronology – 5773d Year from the world creation or, according to the Gregorian calendar, 3760th – 3761st B. .C., approximately 300 years before the origin of the Pharaohs epoch, and 1000 years before the legendary pharaoh Cheops (Khufo) when the epoch of the pyramid began?

Thus, 5773d year from the world creation. The 5774th will set in September of this Year.        

At once there arises a question: what world are we dealing with? Are we dealing with our universe, which has been already existing 15-16 billions of years since Big Bang according to estimations of the present-day scientists?  Are we dealing with our Solar system whose age is estimated as 5-6 billions of years? The reply is evident. What world chronology is dealt with in the Jewish chronology?

For people that had lived on our planet up to relatively recent times and more, over up to 3760th year B.C., evidently, only our Earth (or even some part of it) could be by the whole world involving the sky over them. According to their everyday visual observations, the sky revolves around the Earth together with stationary stars, our Sun, and our Moon, and wandering stars – planets. Besides, the Sun, the Moon, and the planets are moving amidst the stationary stars. Hence we have a natural conclusion: with sufficiently high probability we may declare the following. There something took place almost 5773 years ago (within 100 years) which abruptly changed the surrounding world of the people that had lived then on our planet permitting them later on to say about the New World creation.

What could happen?

Evidently, now we can have only hypotheses as an answer to this question. Consider one of them, though, of course, other assumptions can exist.

  Assume that due to a cosmic cataclysm the Earth’s rotation axis inclination with respect to its orbit has changed. There could be many different causes of this change, e.g., from Earth’s collision with a sufficiently large asteroid or a comet core, to our planet approach to a very massive celestial body and so on.  

Naturally, effects of the collision or the approach could be catastrophic for the Earth inhabitants. These effects could be named Apocalypse followed by an entire chaos on our planet. The waters of seas and oceans poured onto land, simultaneously there began ejection of all terrestrial volcanoes; those were throwing into the air million tons of volcanic ashes which completely blocked the sunlight access (to say nothing of the star- and moonlight) to the surface of the terrestrial globe.

As a result of this horror, almost all living creatures on our planet, including human beings, had perished. But some of them have survived. When the waters of the oceans and seas had calmed down and the ashes that were elevated high above the earth and blocked the sunlight access to its surface had finely deposited, people saved after the catastrophe saw an entirely new world. A surrounding landscape, climate, climatic zones changed. The sky changed as well, since the Sun, the Moon and the planets had begun to be moving along other trajectories. In brief, an entirely new world was born. It differed radically from the old one, which had perished in the world catastrophe.   

Evidently, all living creatures, having escaped during this Apocalypse (involving, naturally, human being), had to adapt themselves to the existence in that new world. At first their life turned for them into a severe surviving. The cleverest creatures but not the most physically strong ones have succeeded, since, for various reasons, it is such qualities as inventiveness, resourcefulness and so on that had been claimed. Namely these intellectuals gave rise to a new human being generation on Earth deserving to be called «Homo sapiens».

Several centuries had passed, and there came the pyramid epoch in the Ancient Egypt that marked the beginning of human being civilization. Evidently, the chronology was not fare to be born and, consequently, there arised a problem of initial point on the time scale. It is naturally that as the beginning of the world catastrophe was chosen this point fresh in human memory. I shall not risk confirming that the initial moment of the world cataclysm was chosen by descendants of the survivors to a high accuracy. However, here precision was unnecessary very much since 100 or 200 years play no part. The main thing is the event itself that was more than grandiose since a new world had been created. So could consider the first calendar authors, the descendants of people survived after the catastrophe. 

However it is not improbable that there occurred not a global catastrophe having concerned our entire planet, but a regional cataclysm in the region involving the territories of the present-day states such as Egypt, Israel, Iraq and so on. It makes no difference. The main thing is a sudden change of the surrounding world for inhabitants of this area.

It should be added: just this cataclysm was used by the ancient Palestine inhabitants as the initial point of different calendars involving Jewish one.  Today, according to this calendar, we have 5773d from the world creation, i.e., the world after a catastrophe which many years ago descended on our Earth or on its part.

Needless to say that, a major part of scientists (of archeologists, paleontologists, and astronomers) will not agree with our hypothesis. In our opinion, they will be able to deny it by the only way of presenting evidence that approximately 6000 years ago our planet or a major part of it had not subjected to the action of a cosmic catastrophe or a superpowerful earth element. But here there is information confirming our point of view, in any case, concerning the earth cataclysm. 

I represent this scientific information.

Seda Okay, a Turkish oceanologist, declares, not without reason, that the Black Sea was formed approximately 8000 years ago as result a giant natural catastrophe. Before the Black Sea was a typical lake. There took place the following.  

Due to glacier thawing the World Ocean level elevated very much. The water element was rushing to the North direction having overcome a natural dam of Bosporus and formed the Black and Azov Seas.

It is this catastrophe that Seda Okay identifies with the Flood. It only remains to add. In 2002 the Turkish scientist and her French colleges establish, in the course of the scientific expedition, that the level of water in the Black Sea (sometime only a lake) had been during the glacial epoch by 200 meters lower than now. It is not improbable that the Flood and so called the World Creation were the same event, splitted with time in the mythology of the Mediterranean nations. Today it is clear: the beginning of any chronology is fixed almost always to a very important event in the history of mankind or at least of its considerable part. Sometimes an utmost importance of the event does not reveal itself immediately, often in many years. Among other examples are a chronology in the Ancient Greece going back to the first Olympiad (776 B.C.) and a chronology in the Ancient Rome going back to the foundation of the City of Rome (753 B.C.).